Nuevos YAMAHA F150HP y 175HP

The Yamaha Drive-by-Wire models comprised with a handy and convenient gearshift are already available in different powers, from 150HP to 350HP.

When you lead the way to the development and production of one of the latest outboard engines of the world and you offer to your clients the widest and most attractive selection of the market with a four-stroke outboard power, which is clean, available, smooth and accommodative to any application, you only think about what is going to be next. So this it: a greater digital precision.

Yamaha has been doing some power testing, which has given and contributed to gain more confidence in their last technologies. They have successfully incorporated the formidable precision and the potential of the Drive-by-Wire Command to the navigation experience of users coming from different parts across the globe.

This technology relies on the success of bigger power models. Consequently, Yamaha has decided to incorporate this DBW technology to the F150 and F175, two authentic bestsellers within Yamaha’s history. 
The story about how DBW brings a new level of fun to the new users starts with a low noise level or with the precision of change, which links to a notable sophistication and to an ease of use, regarding control and operation. And this is not all, wait for what is coming next…

The total compatibility with the exclusive Yamaha Digital Network system allows having an excellent set of functions and options, including not only a big and high luminance screen (6Y8/6YC/6Y9 and the new CL7 system with its seven inches colour screen), but also a Y-COP lock-up system. After all, comfort is an advantage that every single owner appreciates.
Another interesting advantage of the Digital Network system is the accessibility of the Variable Trolling Speed technology which provides not only a lower idle speed, but it also allows to control the boat regime in simple steps of 50rpm, from 650 to 900 what results really good for fishing, for instance, but it also provides to keep a safe speed within the limits of a channel or sea routes. And there is much more.

The ease and comfort to moor are important advantages of the digital system. The new models also have a powerful alternator of 50A that generates a great power able to satisfy the needs of the current electronic devices on board. 
The funny engines F150G and F175C join to the better known F150D and F175A, and, with the F115 and F200, complete the new family of four stroke outboards engines of the market.
Yamaha, absolute reliability.

Summary of the specifications: 

publiziert am 20-10-2017