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Join now the Agapi Boat Club, do not pay any fee until March and enjoy of these months of out boating for free.

You haven′t heard from Agapi Club yet? Agapi Club is a unique membership Club that offers a premium boating life without all the “musts” that go with owning. A hassle-free boating life all year round in multiple locations, new boats with the latest technology every year and a fantastic ecosystem to take good care of our members. Agapi Club is a subscription boating model that caters for long-term sustainability. Simply better and smarter. Welcome to the future of boating today!

What is Agapi Boat Club?

With another words, it′s all about an exclusive Navigation club where thanks to an anual fee one can go out boating as much as he wants all year around with the cool Agapi Boats. It′s just like having your own boats without having to take care of the cost of the boat, mooring and maintenace in this, as more as important, culture of sharing economy. It is as easy as choosing the membership that suits you the most.

Agapi Club is a subscription-based service for private customers or companies, with yearly membership fees ranging from 5.000 to 15.000 EUR depending on the type of boat and service level chosen. Unlimited boating days are included and by becoming a member you get access to Agapi boats in several locations all year round (Porto Cristo, Calanova, Helsinki, Stockholm, Götenburg, and more to come). We take care of all the “hassle” and each year we introduce new boats and services. Your task is simply to enjoy boating. And yes, for a fraction of the cost of traditional ownership!

Contact us at: or now and we′ll introduce you our latest offer, the summer membership. The perfect membership where you can go out boating from June to September for a very low price.

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Published on 03-12-2019