Jaume Vermell Náutica support the objectives of Susteinable Development for the Agenda 2030.

Jaume Vermell Nàutica wants to show his sympathy and support towards the goals of the Sustainable Development of the Agenda 2030.

The main goals pursue the equality among people, protecting the planet and ensure the prosperity as part of the new agenda. A new global social contract that doesn′t leave anyone behind.

Among the diffferent objectives that will take part for the agenda exist: a quality education, gender equality, fresh water and sanitation, accessible anc clean energy, decent work and economical growth, industry, innovation and infraestructure, susteinable cities and communities, responsible consum and production, climate action, underwater life, terrestial ecosystem life and so on. 

Regarding the private business sector, there is a new implication established on the Agenda. In order to stimulate the spread the Agenda among the sector, a collaboration wwith the Red Española del Pacto Mundial (REPM) was established. The REPM is an institution that has among its obectives to drive action supporting the general objectives of the UN, including the ODS, whose important role within the support of the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and with the promotion of the poverty eradication and the sustainable development.

#ODSéate #Soy2030

Published on 05-02-2020