Monterey 218 SS

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When you hear the term “Super Sport”, you are immediately brought back to the days of the American Muscle car. Camaro’s, Chevelle’s, GTO’s. Fast, Flashy, and the latest features.

The Monterey Super Sports relive that era….on the water. 

With the sensational success of our largest Super Sport, the 328, we gathered the best attributes of that beauty, and designed an entire line of boats.

At 21 feet in length, she may be the smallest of the Super Sports, but don’t let her size deceive you. This is one mean machine!


6.60 Mts.
2.50 Mts.
1.656 Kgrs.
1x 200HP VOLVO V6
1x 225HP VOLVO V6
1x 300HP VOLVO V8
136 Lts.